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2024 HFD Election Results

At our December 2023 business meeting, the body of the Hilton Fire Department elected the following slate of officers:

Chief (2C-16): Troy Green (2-year term)
Deputy Chief (2C-26): Dave Maggio
Assistant Chief (2C-36): Mike Castronovo

Fire Captain (2C-46): Bryan Furtner
Fire Captain (2C-56): Darren Harvill
Fire Captain (2C-66): Dave Olney

Fire Lieutenant (2C-76): Ben Lissow
Fire Lieutenant (2C-86) Andy Nichols
Fire Lieutenant (2C-96) Alex Harding 

EMS Captain (2M-16)  Jan Lloyd
EMS Lieutenant (2M-26) Lisa Meyer 

President: Dennis Bates
Vice President: Mike Lissow
Trustee: Bill Zarpentine (3-year term)

*Joe VerWulst and Thomas Legler continue to serve their three year terms as Trustees.


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